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Experienced Distributor

Since 1950, Ideal has been a leading food service distributor based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

As a third generation, family-owned business, Ideal covers most of Indiana along with Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus.

Fresh & Local Ingredients

Featuring local beef, pork, poultry, and more....Ideal is the leader in local "farm-to-table" movement.  

Chefs around the midwest have discovered that finding fresh, local, sustainable products at an affordable price is one of Ideal's signature strenghts.

Customer Satisfaction

Distributors are judged on their service. Ideal is proud to provide its customers high quality products.   

Ideal is equally proud of their relationships with their vendor partners.  Founder Nathan Stein... "Treat your vendors as well as you treat your customers."

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Ideal Food Group

4224 West 71st Street - Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

(317) 784-7733


Monday - Friday: 6am - 3pm